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size down sizing guide above the ankles 2

When buying a suit, there are so many things that could go well and also just as many things that could go wrong. If you ask any woman what is her favourite thing about a guy in a suit, 90% of them will say that it is the fit. A cheap well fitted suit is always going to look better than an expensive baggy suit.

Now the tip when buying a suit is to always try on the size below whatever you normally wear or whatever the store assistant says. Just because they work in TM Lewin or in Marks & Spencer, doesn’t mean they know what they are talking about.

By sizing down, you are going to find the jacket a bit tighter, you will fill a lot more restricted. So where does it get too much? If you can raise your hands high above your head then it is a perfect fit. If however, when you raise your hands above your head and your suit feels like it’s about to rip or you can’t close your blazer buttons, take the jacket off before you have to pay for it because you ripped it.

If you are a size 40, try on a 38, no harm in trying so. I have been doing this for years and it always work.

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size down sizing guide above the ankles 2

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