My New LG G Watch R

LG G WATCH R vs moto 360 smart watch

So in the spirit of spending all your money in december I figured I would add some more things to my list of things I’ve spent money on this month. Now I have always wanted a smart watch since I first heard about them a few years ago. I love technology, I’m not old fashioned in any way shape or form.

Now anyone who knows anything about fashion and dressing well in a suit, it is imperative that you have a good watch on your wrist. Does having a good watch mean you have to spend £2000 on the watch? No, not at all, I have a great Emporio Armani watch that I bought for £330 and everyone loved it!

If you’re into technology then chances are you will know the only two smart watches worth buying right now are;

So deciding on which watch to buy was a no brainer for me – the LG G Watch R! Some may disagree with this but I only wear a watch because of how it looks. I have my phone for the time so I’m not bothered if my watch is off by two seconds every 6 months or if my watch can dive 100m below the surface. I just want a watch that looks great with my suit. The LG G Watch R is definitely one of those watches that will make some heads turn.


I love the look, it looks like a standard watch with its circular face and its minute markers. You can change the watch face to many different looks to make it suit your style and your outfit. You also have the option of using the leather strap, rubber strap or the metal links.


  • Heart rate sensor for us fitness freaks
  • Always on display feature so you can always see the time
  • Water and dust resistance

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Priced at £219.95 this watch was an absolute bargain for me, I absolutely love everything about the LG G Watch R.

LG G Watch R

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