GANT Review – Menswear

gant review mens suits chinos

My GANT review is a difficult one, it is an absolutely amazing store, the products are of top quality, but they are definitely expensive. GANT is a luxury clothing brand of American heritage launched in 1949. You can buy GANT clothing from the many signature GANT stores around the world or from different outlets like John Lewis. They sell clothing for men, women, boys, girls and babies.

GANT is one of those stores that I just admire, I feel great in the store and I feel even better walking around the shopping center with a GANT shopping bag. The quality of GANT is amazing, all you have to do is select one of the links below. When you wear a shirt from GANT you can really feel the difference. I would recommend pretty much everything from this store, it is an absolute top quality store that really goes above and beyond most stores.

Cost wise, it is up there as one of the most expensive stores around. The average shirt price is around £80, which is obviously more than we are used to paying. However, with the price in mind, I still very much recommend them.

gant review mens suits chinos

My Favourites From GANT

GANT Beige Cotton Chinos
GANT Beige Cotton Chinos
GANT Window Pane Blazer- Light Blue
GANT Window Pane Blazer
Gant Checked Oxford Shirt
Gant Checked Oxford Shirt

Hopefully my GANT review helped you get a bit more of an understanding of GANT. If you’re considering purchasing something from GANT, it will set you back quite a bit of money, but it will last, I can guarantee you that.

gant review mens suits chinos

GANT Review

Zara Review – One Of The Greatest Highstreet Stores

zara store - zara review menswear

Zara Review

This is by no means an exaggeration when I say Zara is 100% the best men’s retailer in the UK. I Suppose that’s the Zara review over.

You won’t be buying many suits and shirts from Zara as they don’t sell work wear. They do blazers and shirts but they’re for smart/casual occasions. Not only is Zara a fairly cheap company to shop at, it’s also a fairly expensive one. It accommodates for both the rich and the poor. They sell different types of clothes, generally ranging from smart tracksuits (that you wouldn’t work out in as they look too good) to £200 trench coats with white fur.

zara review inside store

What Makes Them Unique?

You know what you’re going to get in Zara, they change their stock every season, yet if you walk in, everything looks the same. Sounds like a bad thing right? Once you walk around you realise every item is different. It’s definitely a work of art.

Why I Love Zara?

1. Zara is a non judgmental brand – your friends who have millionaire fathers shop at Zara & so do your council estate buddies.
2. You look classy – Zara don’t do baggy and they don’t do cheap. I bought H&M jumpers recently and they literally fell apart with thread flying out left, right and centre. In all my years of buying from Zara, not once have my threads come out (none that I’ve noticed anyways.)
3. They pretty much only sell Black, Blue or Grey clothes which works out perfect me!
4. They have unique clothes you wouldn’t find in most stores – no lie. I recently bought these amazing chinos that feel like their made out of the softest carpet, absolutely perfect.

What I Buy From Zara

Whenever I need a jacket or coat of any kind I stop off at Zara first. Usually after 15/20 minutes of looking I’ll find the perfect jacket/coat for under £80.

Whenever I need trousers that are smart but not too smart like suit trousers, I ONLY go to Zara. Very rarely will I venture out and buy chinos from somewhere else. I can usually get a pair of really nice trousers or chinos for around £25. What an absolute bargain!

What They Sell

Smart Clothes – Mainly either smart casual clothes or dinner/evening wear.

Go to the Zara website.

Zara Mens

Zara is definitely one of the best places on the high street, they don’t need a review but nonetheless I hope you enjoyed our Zara review. I’ll be adding more to this in time to come as well. Feel free to leave a comment below.

Moss Bros Review

moss bros review

If I was to sum up this Moss Bros review in one word, it would be ‘brilliant’. What can I say, without a doubt I absolutely love Moss Bros Great company, great retail stores, great staff. Moss Bros know just what they’re doing. It’s almost like walking into a privately owned tailor for a bespoke suit. Obviously it’s not as good as going into a tailor’s for a bespoke suit but you get my point.

If I judge them based on their diversity of suits they would do very well. They have everyday work suits, evening wear and casual suits. Sometimes however, their diversity of suits lets them down as they have some crazy silver and gold suits – yuck.

The quality of their suits is pretty much standard as you’d expect from any standard high street retailer. Moss Bros’s designer suits are of a much better quality than the rest though. I bought my first suit from them 4 years ago, and so far, I am yet to rip or wear away any of the fabric in my suits.

moss bros review inside store

If you’re anything like me, (I have a weird body shape), the majority of the suits you buy wont fit you (perfectly) as most suits are shaped for “normal body shaped people.” Great thing about Moss Bros is they 99% of the time have a qualified Tailor to make the suit YOURS!

Moss suits are consistent, they have very strong stand out suits and very nicely fitted suits. You know what you’re getting from them. You have the choice of hiring a suit or buying it, I have never hired a suit in my life but I know some people are into that so go for it if you need an emergency suit.

They have some luxurious brands such as Calvin Klein, Ben Sherman, French Connection, DKNY, Ted Baker, Canali, Zegna and Cerruti, these are all available in store and online. Not only do they offer fantastic suits at great prices, they also have extremely nice accessories and shoes. I will be selecting a few to write about in the future so stay tuned.

Moss Bros – Suits

Moss Bros – Accessories

Moss Bros – Shoes

If you sign up to their newsletter they send amazing deals, I received a 50% off voucher this morning!

If you enjoyed my Moss Bros review and would like more of these, please share with your friends and drop me a comment below with which company I should review next.

Next Review – Menswear

next menswear review mens suits

A Next review is well overdue, they are after all, one of the biggest brands in the UK. Next is one of the biggest retailers in UK, I’m not sure where they stand across Europe but in terms of my favourite retailer of any kind, they are definitely top five. They’re not a luxury brand, you’re not going to find really expensive top class products but that’s why I love them – I know what I’m getting.

Next give you a great everyday suit you can wear for six to eighteen months to work, depending on how many suits you own. If you wear the suit three or four times a week it will probably last you six months. Wear it once a week and you’ll get two years out of it.

Suits from Next are generally sold between £100 to £200. In holiday periods or when they have limited sizes you can easily bag a £159 suit for £50. Its always worth checking their clearance section to see if they randomly have your size.

The only negative I have about their suits is the fabric between your thighs wears away quicker than other suits if you walk around a lot. Early on in my sales career I was a door to door sales guy so my next suit trousers would last me 3 months at max.

When buying a suit from Next, my advice is go into a store near you and try on some suits in regular fit, slim fit and skinny fit. Find what fit and size matches your style, then jump online and find the perfect suit for you.

next menswear review mens suits

I generally only buy online at Next, as their online store has much more to offer as apposed to their retail stores. I’m also more likely to get my size as well as being able to get a discount. Usually you can find voucher codes online that will give you 10-25% off, which in some cases can be £50/60.

Happy shopping at Next.

Hope you enjoyed my Next review, leave a comment below if you have anything to add. 🙂